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material raum form is a manufactury that has been specializing for more than ten years in the production of high-quality objects, prefabricated components, as well as wall and floor coverings. All our products are made of naturally bound mineral materials.

Whether you are a home-builder, an architect, or an interior designer - we will be happy to put your ideas into practice, and to coordinate the realization of projects according to your wishes. Of course, our customers can also always turn to our office for ideas, suggestions, and stimuli. We will give you all the support and advice you need.

The materials and techniques that we use offer a spectrum of exciting creative possibilities. Our portfolio includes walls made of colorful stucco lostro, classical terrazzo floor coverings, and objects of furniture cast of our material Pearlnera®. Whatever you choose, our products will lend your rooms an individual, aesthetic character and an exceptional atmosphere.

We manufacture and deliver a wide range of products both for the private and commercial spheres. In their form, function, and color, our products are individually fashioned according to the wishes of our customers. They fit in perfectly with the rooms they are made for, and can also be used to accentuate features of your home's architecture. We create custom-made products such as fireplace mantles, washbasins and washstands for your bathroom, kitchen countertops, and staircases, as well as tiles and wall and floor coverings. We also assist you in the planning of the interior design of shops, offices, and exhibitions.

You will find a large selection of our products on this homepage, which also offers information about the exclusively environment-friendly natural products used in their manufacture. Please feel invited to have a look around in our virtual exhibition. Enjoy!