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With a history that stretches back across over 300 years, Merck KGaA is the world’s oldest manufacturer of pharmaceutical and chemical products. As a global player, with its Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals divisions, Merck concentrates on providing

innovations in high-grade pharmaceutical and chemical products. Merck believes that the entrepreneurial outlook among its staff, its applications-specific R&D effort, and consistent customer focus are the keys to success. Over 35,000 employees workin

g to exacting standards and with great competence in 62 countries are committed to our clients.

The Merck Group’s mission is to “strive to achieve positive recognition for our operations in the community.” A willingness to tak

e responsibility has been part of Merck’s culture for generations – be it as regards product or staff, the environment or society. “We at Merck do what we say and then measure ourselves on this basis.”

Liquid Crystals is

one of Merck’s core activities. In Chemicals this includes making components for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and organic light-emitting materials (OLEDs). The development of liquid crystals at Merck impressively demonstrates how a pure research

topic can advance to become a major economic success. With its pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial daring, Merck has become the technology and market leader in liquid crystals. This history of liquid crystals at Merck has proven that timely involvement

with technologies can reap benefits for future markets. This insight prompted Merck’s investment in the forward-looking OLED technology. Specifically, it is further shoring up its position in the area of OLED materials.