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Thomas Merlo & Partner AG

Giessenstrasse 17
8953 Dietikon

T: +41 43 322 99 77
F: +41 43 322 99 79


Since its formation in 1990, Merlo-T has always been on the lookout for practical and enduring innovations. " We see ourselves as niche market suppliers for special designs but without specialising", says Thomas Merlo who appreciates originality, beautifu

l shapes and self-reliance. His products are elegant, simple and timeless. They are available from discerning retailers, upmarket department stores and by mail order.

In addition to creating classic designs, Merlo-T aims to continuously surprise it

s clients. And the emphasis is not on short-lived impressions, but on evoking lasting interest in enduring modernity. In other words: For Thomas Merlo the tension between enduring classics and fashionable market trends is a stimulating challenge.

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