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Mermet S.A.

58 chemin du Mont Maurin
38630 Veyrins

T: +33 (0) 474 336 615
F: +33 (0) 474 339 729


For 60 years, Mermet has been designing and manufacturing hi-tech fabrics for building finishings. Bolstered by this experience, the company has managed to develop and ensure its long-term future through tried and tested know-how based mainly on the use o

f fibreglass. Mermet now operates on 4 markets:

Solar protection (external blinds, internal blinds)Tensile structures (textiles architecture, space fittings)Signage (graphical communication and signage)Acoustics (environmental noise, acoustic ergon


Compliant with the EN 14501 standard, Mermet® fabrics are suitable for the bio-climatic facades of low-energy or HEQ buildings and meet the requirements of RT 2012 thermal regulations. They make it possible to drastically reduce the energy c

onsumed by buildings (lighting, air conditioning and heat). They play a major role in the ability to obtain credits for eco-efficient or eco-design building certifications such as HEQ, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Passiv Haus.

Since it was founded, the comp

any has shown remarkable dynamism which now enables it to be one of the French SMEs that achieves over 70 % of their turnover internationally and it thus exports to over 60 countries.