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40489 Düsseldorf

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... is a new design brand with innovative product ideas and a strong background: The moree team recruits itself from designers and traders of the renowned Düsseldorf design consultancy and profits from i

ts current successful presence in the market and its extensive 'know how'.

With creative product ideas in the field of lighting, moree addresses a design-oriented target group: Innovative lifestyle products in the theme of lighting disp

lays, individual design with surprising function and high standards. In the foreground of each product there is a symbiosis of modern design, original style and approved suitability for daily use. Briefly: Moree stands for light and lifestyle products, wh

ich makes fun available anywhere!

In order to guarantee that the desired, fastidious quality level is reached, the moree team has consciously decided to produce in Germany. Design, construction and production are developed and made in co-opera

tion with German partners. - A philosophy which guarantees high-quality handling of the products and their problem-free supply.

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