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NATEVO is a proprietary trademark of FLOU SPA

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NATEVO is an offshoot company of FLOU, producing furniture that incorporates a completely new concept; the pieces of furniture in the company’s range are decorative and functional, and integrated with Led lighting.

The seats, tables, armchairs, bookcases and accessories autonomously illuminate their surroundings, eliminating the need for lamps, chandeliers and other systems used to diffuse light. The design method is also extremely innovative.

For the first time, designers, architects and pure art-lovers will have the possibility to design pieces of furniture with the above mentioned features and present them on the Internet site

A prototype of the item will be produced if the items are deemed compatible with the intrinsic values of NATEVO; once the prototype has been presented on-line, it can be crowd-funded by visitors to the site and this will activate the green light for production, and this will progressively expand the collection.

The value of the NATEVO furniture is not limited to the sole ability to illuminate the surroundings and create surprising settings and effects. The creation of these pieces has started a revolutionary process that affects the design and construction process of new builds, as the plans will not need to include wall-sockets or electrical wiring behind the masonry.

When this solution is applied on a wider scale, it will be associated with considerable economic and ecological advantages for new builds and restructuring of existing buildings; it will not be necessary to demolish walls to install light fittings and sockets; the furniture can simply be positioned where the light is required.

Three apartments in the residential blocks ‘City Life’ in Milan, designed by Zaha Hadid, will be furnished with furniture from the NATEVO range to underline just some of the advantages associated with the use of furniture with ‘illuminating design’.