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Just as clothes are said to make the man, the façade of a building determines its appearance. And not only does the façade function as the building's calling card, it also contributes to its physical characteristics.

It is therefore important that you choose a façade that fits exactly with your building and your requirements. P.P.Gevelbouw BV supplies customised products in this area. The prefab elements that we produce can be used in both new buildings and renovation projects. We manufacture the elements in a multitude of structures, colours, finishes and shapes.

P.P. Gevelbouw BV takes full responsibility for the entire procedure, from advice and development, engineering, production and transport to advice on assembly and sealing.

With more than 35 years of experience in prefab composite stone façades in all their variations and technical attributes, we have the know-how to translate your wishes and requirements into schematic drawings at an early stage in the process.

In these drawings, all the facets are worked out in detail, taking account of the client's aesthetic wishes, the physical conditions and the chosen method of attachment. We also produce project-specific samples during this phase.