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Parabeam BV was established in 1989 to seek new applications in the technical textiles market. The already available concept of velvet weaving, where two deck layers are woven simultaneously with connecting piles that are cut over the length of the fabric

and thus forming the velvet cloth, was the basis of what we know now as Parabeam® 3D Glass Fabrics. When woven with a 100% E-glass yarn (instead of a mohair yarn as used in velvet) and impregnated with a thermoset resin, the unique capillary forces o

f the (glass) piles in the fabric absorb the resin and make sure that the fabric bounces back to it’s pre-set original height again, thus forming a rigid and very light weight sandwich laminate.This invention of course was patented as well as the ma

ny applications derived from it later.

In the meantime, Parabeam® 3D Glass Fabrics have found a wide acceptance in the market for numerous applications in the corrosion industry (double wall storage tanks), in the marine industry as well as

in the building & construction and transport industry.

The Parabeam® 3D Glass Fabric knows no equal in the market. The unique properties make it the ideal solution wherever a lightweight and rigid structure is required without any of t

he laborious production processes so often required.

Parabeam b.v. is not only looking for continuous improvements of the current products, but is always on the look out for new technologies, for new markets and for new applications. A substant

ial part of the turnover is therefor reserved for R&D activities to secure the future growth.

Parabeam strives not only to be a leading supplier of the 3D Glass Fabric but also supports it’s (potential) customers by giving expert advi

se on many aspects related to the use of Parabeam® 3D Glass Fabrics.