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Pilkington makes glass and glazing products for the world's buildings and vehicles.

Pilkington is a company founded on technological innovation in Flat Glass. Throughout its history, Pilkington has been the technology leader. Major Pilkington advances include the invention and exploitation of the float glass process, products such as Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass and innovations in the field of automotive glazing. We intend to continue to lead the industry. Our role as a company is to invest in sustaining this technology and to use it to create value for our shareholders.

Over the past seven years, Pilkington has significantly improved its cost structure to become leaner and more profitable. Reduced overheads and improved manufacturing have produced a step change in productivity, with most Pilkington businesses now operating at 'world class' levels. Quality and safety underpin all our activities, we operate to strict environmental standards and many of our products have a beneficial impact on the environment by helping to save energy.

We operate in a strong industry, with glass usage in buildings and vehicles increasing year on year as architects and car designers incorporate more and more glass into their designs. This section describes our company and the industry in which we operate and the people, products, markets and processes that lie behind our dedication to being the world's leading glassmaker.