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Quality living as a basic part of everyday life: the Poliform collection is the result of long-term commitment to give the general public the greatest possible choice in the creation of a personal habitat.
Poliform quality is based on its heritage of 'knowing wood', the roots of which are to be found in the tradition of craftsmanship in the Brianza Area, an internationally acclaimed area undergoing constant upgrading by keeping its technological know-how in the forefront.

After its decision in 1970 to go in for industrial production methods, Poliform decided to combine quality and reliability with a design approach based on constant innovation and a very high level of creativity.
What Poliform offers is closely linked to what is modern: from modular systems to accessories, from day zones to night zones, the collection's variety of styles reflect our times as they evolve and adapt to trends.

The collection's range reflects Poliform's skill at taking on board all the themes connected with quality living. Each design, each suggestion possesses functional requirements which differ from each other and yet are part of them: for example, modular systems are known to be highly flexible; wardrobes must provide personalised solutions both regarding their look and internal space usage; accessories should provide good design as well as satisfy personal tastes and requirements. Poliform succeeds in fully meeting such requirements by combining the extra value of quality workmanship and formal perfection with design and creativity, the result of collaboration with some of the most prestigious Italian and international designers.

In order to guarantee optimum quality control throughout production, Poliform only undertakes its manufacturing in Italy. Component parts and raw materials are selected and purchased from leading European and international suppliers.
The 'Made in Italy' label may be displayed proudly by Poliform thanks to unlimited creativity, the traditional craftsmanship handed down in the best furniture area in the world, and specific avant-garde technological expertise. All fundamental prerequisites for a company constantly seeking to meet the needs of its international clientele.

Poliform products are of high quality from both an aesthetic and functional point of view, and are manufactured to guarantee long-lasting reliability. Such qualities are also reflected in very reasonable prices everyone can afford, which above all are indicative of a quality/price/image relationship that can beat off competition from market rivals.
Buying a Poliform product is an investment in more than one way. It means making sure you enjoy optimum quality of day-to-day living, functional use at your complete service, and long-lasting reliability. Poliform products are typically rigorous and basic in their style, not the result of passing fads, and of an aesthetic quality which will guarantee they remain stylish.

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