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promesh GmbH has been producing and developing ring mesh and scale mesh for architectural applications since 2006. The claim to quality, function and design that is unique to alphamesh of constantly realising new ideas for application with visionary force. As a new original material alphamesh fascinates today in the most diverse architectural and design application areas, from very small to very large. Since size is what makes alphamesh unique worldwide. This is made possible thanks to a special manufacturing process, which enables almost unlimited dimensions and therefore unimaginable scope. As a facade cladding in building dimensions, as a light shell structure or as an interior design element alphamesh always impresses with its option of redefining the term space, as the transition from flat two dimensionality into a shaping 3rd dimension is natural for the flexible material. alphamesh uses light and water as a stage for its own production, with reflections here and the modulation of flowing dynamics there. And because alphamesh's range of application is as diverse as the ideas that architects and planners associate with it, alphamesh is not just a product but rather an unlimited creative design process.

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