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Our objective is to construct instruments for light, which will serve the interests of architecture and, therefore, mankind.

Homes and buildings are designed and constructed to suit their purpose, their function and their environment, individually and almost tailor-made. Of course, there are styles which occur in cycles, as an expression of developments taking place in society. These cycles are determined by cultural influences, spiritual attitudes, environmental imperatives and by technical developments in building practice. In addition, architecture is always a mirror, reflecting the time in which a building has been created.

It is our objective to produce lighting which will fit and function within individual structures. Here, we use the term "function" to describe the way that lighting can create a visual concept of the space, while ensuring the true usefulness of the space itself. In addition, the form of these lighting "tools" must blend with the building and with the space involved. We are not concerned merely with form in lighting - it is also a question of the form of light.

Thus we construct special lighting: instruments made-to-measure in their appearance and in their function, tailored to suit your individual needs.

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