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The original - hinge systems from SIMONSWERK.

The market is constantly on the move. Requirements and demands change. The challenge at SIMONSWERK again and again is: make good even better, be a mastermind and a role model. Make daily routine special. In the design, function, visual and functional benefit for the customer. This is how products and projects emerge which deviate substantially from the run-of-the-mill. Since the company was founded in 1889, developments have repeatedly been implemented in across-market solutions and established in the sector. Thus, for example, maintenance-free slide bearing technology has become part of virtually the entire product programme and guarantees a long service life and high functionality of the hinges. The fully hidden hinge system TECTUS, which sets new standards in the field of flush room design, should not go unmentioned in this context. A company's innovative strength expresses its competence and responsibility for the market, the target groups and its own products. Longevity, functionality and the capability to look beyond existing horizons are the basic prerequisites for opening new markets with new ideas

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