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Sioen Industries is a fast growing, vertically integrated industrial group with three divisions:

- The Coating Division specialises in the integrated coating of technical textiles and controls the entire production process, from the extrusion of yarns (spinning), via the weaving of technical fabric and the production of pigment pastes and granules, inks and varnishes (Sioen Chemicals) through to coating with various materials.
- The Apparel Division designs and produces high-quality protective clothing for both industrial and recreational applications. Sioen has a reputation for quality and flexibility.
- The Industrial Applications Division is responsible for the processing of coated fabrics and PVC film. The division covers all the group’s ‘heavy duty product’ manufacturing activities: pond liners, tent kadors, airbags, side curtains and tarpaulins, filters, roller shutters, and so on. This is another area in which Sioen is a major global player.


Industries produces in 14 different countries, sells worldwide in over 80 countries, has 37 subsidiaries and counts 19 nationalities amongst its 4.600 employees. The annual turnover amounts to 340 million euros. Sioen Industries is quoted on the continuous stock market of Euronext Brussels and is part of the Next Prime segment.