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The (timeless) value of things: change is a hallmark of our lives. The complexity and speed of change however are increasing, around the clock and around the globe. Idling time away seems to be impossible. It is therefore all the more important to keep

a clear head and recognise new opportunities: instead of hierarchies, greater importance is placed on the quality of relationships; instead of just following tasks, value is placed on self-initiative, top-down leadership is replaced by trust. This freedo

m in thinking leads to a concomitant freedom of the things designed: they are flexible, functional and timeless.

What a wonderful office world… spielmanns officehouse offers customers the complete world of office design. spielmanns group

is an able partner for all planning and design projects for office and conference environments, open spaces, lounges and casinos.

Architecture, design and corporate communications are the building blocks of a company’s profile: they are

necessary to create the identity that the company wants to project in the marketplace. This needs careful attention to every detail that constitutes a company’s personality. spielmanns officehouse is an able partner for all interior design solution

s and for that little bit more when it comes to corporate identity.

spielmanns group is a client-centred enterprise; listening is spelt with a capital L. In trying to find the best possible solution, the customer’s needs and preferences r

emain spielmanns’ firm focus. It is important to spielmanns group that the customers feel they are being listened to at all times during project planning and implementation. To this end, spielmanns group go out of their way to satisfy their customer

s in terms of logistics and management, financing and project implementation.

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