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Spörl stands for innovation, precision and reliability. We manufacture our products under optimal conditions. One example of how we achieve maximum quality is manufacturing the same weaving machines that we use to produce our metal wire cloth.


blished in 1956 as a wire weaving factory, our company has evolved into an important supplier, service provider and partner in the industry.

With a staff 150 strong, we now manufacture high-precision metal wire cloth and complete formed and filter

parts in both standard and custom versions.

- In order to be innovative, we also have to be flexible. We manufacture our cloth with our customers’ needs and situations in mind, thus laying fertile ground for our custom solutions

and new products. Open-mindedness, flat hierarchies and joint research projects with universities and partner companies allow us to make improvements and introduce fresh ideas.

Precision - Cloth precision is a decisive factor when dependabi

lity, quality and durability of the final product come into play. This is why work in a particularly precise and dependable manner and the reason why we manufacture high-quality, high-precision metal wire cloth. The technical specifications and the design

of our cloth speak for themselves.

Reliability - We deal in reliability. This includes consistently high-quality products and services, price stability, dependability and fair conduct with customers, employees and partners.