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>> Despite all the high-tech innovation, we remain at heart a manufactory <<

For over 40 years now we have continued without interruption on the path to the unexpected. And yet there is one point from which we have never wavered: our unfailing insistence on the highest quality. Skilled craftsmanship, technical innovation and creativity are always of equal importance to us. We employ man and machine in a harmonious balance and combine traditional stonemasonry and sculpting expertise with highly innovative technology. To us, every piece of stone is a new challenge, and we know that each one contains many unexpected moments. We first started experimenting with it a long time ago. To us, stone is culture and creates culture, space and ambience, and addresses all our senses. We create scenarios with the aim of individuality that seek uniqueness, and ultimately inspire us. True to our slogan, which to us means commitment above all else: "Ströhmann Steinkult - everything else has been seen before"

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