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TOBIAS GRAU has been striving for the highest quality in light and luminaires for over 30 years.

With the LED, and technical developments surrounding it, we have been given the opportunity to create a new, innovative and extended collection for residential, office and architectural lighting.

The design of the products comes from Tobias Grau. It is characterised by a reduction to the essentials. A team of engineers and assistant designers develop solutions on how best to combine the function and form of the luminaire, many of which have been honoured with design awards.

Sustainability, environmental protection, and maximum comfort are essential for us. We are continuously working on the development of long-life and energy-efficient products.

In recent years, through the use of highly efficient LED technology and sensor control systems, we have been able to decrease the average energy consumption of the luminaire collection by over 50%.

An outstanding quality of light is achieved through the incorporation of LEDs with optimal colour rendering and our self-developed glare reducing technologies.

With a team of 150 employees, the development, production, and distribution for the company, located near Hamburg, is carried out under the joint management of Franziska and Tobias Grau.

Our products can be found through a world-wide network of selected partners, our online-shop and our seven stores.

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