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Plan the Present. This could be the leitmotiv of TRE-P&TRE-Più company, which has been leader in the production of inner doors for a long time.

Its history, in fact, has been written by prestigious national and international designers. Each of them has left a significant mark in innovation, beauty, technology, in the interpretation of topical interest and in the obstinate research of the latest functional, aesthetic and technologic solution.

A challenge which has been made possible thanks to a dynamic and open-minded Company, with a special flair for spotting the most intelligent cooperations in the planning field, and also with the intuition of the concrete needs of the most cultured and open-minded market, and also careful to contents and image at the same time.

The history of TRE-P&TRE-Più boasts of an absolut primacy of prestigious official recognitions in the field of inner doors. This evidence the way of the company based on the officially certified High Quality. The most important products in TRE-P&TRE-Più history are Rever, Nieder2, Convex, Company Pavilion, Planus, and the relevant designers Cini Boeri, Nieder, Porsche and Antonio Citterio. These are names which don’t represent just a product, but the styles and the cultures of present time andup-to-dateness, always changeable for tastes and concreteness: from modern and contemporary style, to a romantic and technologic one, and, inside these tastes and trends, a maximum attention is expressed to find solutions of the best functionality and uality. hich allow polyester to became as bright and polished as glass.

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