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Trend, a name that is not accident. It means tendency, it indicates the direction in which change is moving.

Established in 2000, Trend Group S.p.A. produces coloured glass, Venetian enamel, gold leaf glass tesserae, natural stone and agglomerates of fragmented glass, quartz and granite. In a few years it has rapidely become an industrial leader, forerunner of a few tendencies, thanks to the constant commitment towards research and development of new products, the extreme awareness of the evolution of the markets and the ability of reinterpreting through contemporaneity the essential principles of the Italian artistic tradition. Every year the creativity of the great architects, designers, artists and stylists experiments the communicative power of the Trend's products to the originate suggestive multi-coloured transparencies, unexpected iridescences and vivacious radiances decorating private settings, urban environmentsand also to create works of art throughout the world.

Trend's artistic essence eypresses itself in the traditional production of gold leaf masaic and coloured enamels. At the nineteenth century Venetian furnace "Angelo Orsoni", a process of pure alchemy is reproduced every day to revive the ancient and meticulous art of glass working.