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Architectural Hardware.
When an original architectural concept is combined with perfect product using aesthetic haptic materials, then a technical innovation and form identity is truly accomplished.
Vieler International offers unique, complement

ary products that each retain a consistent architectural appearance. The architect can easily choose products from the various Vieler hardware groups right down to the last detail.
The projects illustrated within this brochure are simple suggestions

as to how Vieler products can compliment the building design.

Lasting values.
Vieler International pursues a hardware philosophy that products should never overpower their environment but should always emphasize and harmonize with the ori

ginal design idea. The advantage of this simple principle, based on geometrical forms, is the perfect integration into both historical and contemporary architecture and compatibility with other materials, architectural items and interior decorations.

>Vieler will not accept any compromise with materials and produce products exclusively in stainless steel. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and suitable for
all interior and exterior situations. The material is highly durable yet recyclable, th

us fulfilling both economic and ecological principles. The wear resistant low maintenance surface of stainless steel gives a durable attractive appearance to products and satisfies hygiene regulations.
Using complex processes, Vieler hardware is give

n its form leading brushed satin surface. This is a characteristic to all Vieler high quality products.
In architecture particular importance is attached to timeless design, high functionality and long term durability: Attributes, which distinguish a

ll Vieler products. All Vieler detailing is relevant as we understand that the discerning customer sees, feels and recognizes the sensitive and graduated processes involved in producing the finest curves, edges and perfectly functional connections.

ood design and successful forms stimulate the senses and at the same time preserve values thus all Vieler products integrate into all architectural concepts with a strong but conservative expression.
International design honours and European certifyi

ng guarantee consistent high standards.

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