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Villa Rocca is exclusively committed to concrete - the liquid stone. The highly qualified Villa Rocca production team is dedicated to the task of enhancing this material to dynamic new forms and a charismatic vitality far beyond the general perception of this material.

One main focus at the manufacture is directed at achieving the ideal and desired haptics of the concrete surfaces - the face and the "touch" so-to-speak.
For this reason, Villa Rocca, although this is rather laborious, exclusively relies on reinforcement with steel bars. Other less laborious and cost-intensive types of reinforcement, e.g. by deploying plastic, glass or steel fibres, have the disadvantage that the decisive post-processing required to exactly meet the aesthetic demands of the design can not be performed. Needless to say, any such "half-hearted" measures are always made at the cost of originality and exclusivity - two characteristics Villa Rocca takes great pride in.

According to the motto: „There is nothing that can not be done with concrete as far as you know how it is done", there are virtually no limits in regard to the creativity which can be realised with the material concrete. Its ability to assume any form or colour is unique. Simply speaking, the selection of the pigments defines the colour and the formwork facing determines the surface structure. The manufactory Villa Rocca usually deploys an especially coated timber formwork which delivers a uniquely smooth, virtually pore-free surface, respectively working face. The subsequent options to post-process the same, e.g. grinding, polishing, waxing, oiling, acid-washing, or sandblasting enable the realisation of a multitude of final surfaces in regard to optics and haptics. Please keep in mind that the available variety of our formwork goes far beyond a merely smooth surface. Villa Rocca has had the courage to leave conventional paths and also offers surface structures that are surprisingly bold and rough and yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye.