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73309 Geislingen (Steige)

T: 07331-251
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For generations, WMF kitchen and tableware products have been famous for their outstanding quality in functionality and design. The company, founded in 1853 in Geislingen, Germany, is a manufacturer that meets the highest standards attainable. WMF prod

ucts, famous for their longevity, have regularly received design awards.

WMF has ultra-modern production facilities for cutlery, kitchenware, tableware, knives and coffee machines. With WMF products, cooking and preparing food becomes an experi

ence, along with the eating and drinking.

The demanding consumer will find WMF products in luxury specialist shops, leading department stores or at selected mail order service providers. But WMF products are not only for domestic use: professi

onal caterers have also put their trust in the WMF brand. WMF is a leading supplier to first class restaurants and hotels as well as to mass caterers who value quality.

A precondition for success in the marketplace is a consistent and distinct

corporate identity. The WMF brand has achieved an outstanding product differentiation in the national and international markets through its superior design, functionality and overall quality.