Product description

Although various designers have contributed to Materia’s range over the years, it still has a homogeneous look. The company has a clear identity that has proved enduring. Its products cannot be dated. They are timeless, light and lightweight, and conseque

ntly suit the most diverse contexts. They have a distinctly Scandinavian character. “But Materia increasingly supplies furniture to the continent. So they wanted a product with a more continental appearance. That is, for instance, the background to this s

hiny silver wardrobe top, made of die-cast chrome aluminium. The plastic pads are in black or white and act both as legs and as stops for the hangers.” Its name ‘Array’ means to arrange in order, marshal, set out or adorn and hence eloquently expresses Ca

rl’s ambition. It has a smart construction. The hangers are spring-loaded and can be turned sideways. When stowed away, the coat stand takes up a minimum of space. It is supplied in a flatpack and can be assembled with no tools. So it can be kept in reser

ve and taken out when needed. That broadens the scope of its application. People sometimes also need an extra coat stand at home, when they have more guests than usual. For his examination project at art school in 1997, Carl Öjerstam developed a telescope

called ‘Ögonblick’ as a metaphor for the rapid appearance and disappearance of the light. His choice of assignment tells us something about his personality. A telescope is a tool that makes high demands on technical precision. It can also take its user o

ut into space. Curiosity about a particular technique, new material and the shapes conjured up by science are excellent characteristics for a designer. And anyone who, like Carl Öjerstam, also has a feel for the rigour and expressive force of a form can a

chieve something that endures despite the rapidly changing vagaries of fashion – and in so doing contributes to a more sustainable world.

Height700 mm
Diameter400 mm

Materia, Sweden

Carl Öjerstam