Cone coffee table

Presented:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, Stockholm
Categories: Home furnitureTablesCoffee tables
Product description

The cone does not taper gently towards the top but swings out in a tight curve. The table top appears to hover above the base and is visually demarcated by a black edge that enhances the dynamic force of the form – especially in the white tables. It is al

so available completely in black. There are three sizes: two round versions 80 and 105 cm in diameter and an elliptical one 80 x 130 cm. They are made of durable compact laminate. Cast iron weights at the foot of the table base give it a firm anchoring. T

he table top is attached in an elegant – and completely invisible – way. The table can be easily taken apart and all its parts are recyclable.

Length1300 mm
Width800 mm
Height500 mm
Diameter800 mm / 1050 mm
Table finishtable with column base
Table top shapeoval
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Materia, Sweden

Carl Öjerstam