Gobble wall

Stylepark-ID: 05.3958.00009
Categories: Office / Contract furnitureWardrobes
Product description

The coat rack Gobble has attracted considerable attention for its practical, unique and innovative design. Hooks secured in elastic bands provide effi cient and versatile clothes storage. With a bundle of 24 hooks, the floorstanding version can easily ‘go

bble up' 50 outdoor garments. Gobble is also available in two wall versions, with 21 and 2 hooks respectively. There is also a practical bundle of 12 hooks that can be attached with Velcro wherever additional hangers are needed.

Width 90 mm / 360 mm
Height 180 mm / 225 mm
Depth 25 mm / 25 mm
Material steel
polypropylene (PP)
Colors white
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Materia, Sweden

Thomas Bernstrand