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The Wave wall-mounted system is the result of the designer's reflections on the recent history of the company and its design philosophy - a quest for simplicity, combined with an innovative appearance that is never disconnected from functionality. Wave comprises wall-mounted panels, storage units with shelves, and individual storage units which can be composed in a dynamic way to create free-standing or wall-mounted configurations offering great functionality and elegance. Wave was created from the desire to obtain a linear design that is simutaneously dynamic. The change of depth and reduced shelf thickness provide versatility in use, and also create a visual effect that looks like waves moving through the sea. This gives the system an appearance of lightness, without compromising its performance."

The shelves and storage units hook onto the panel in a simple yet effective way, and the panel can be set up to allow the passage of cables for a TV or other electronic equipment. To correct possible irregularities in the structure of the wall, the panel is equipped with mechanical adjustment systems so that installation is both easy and flawless. With the various elements that make up the system, configurations can be created employing open storage units, as well as closed solutions with doors, drawers or a deep drawer.

Material medium density fibreboard (MDF)
Colors white

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