Tension umbrella Type S

Product description

The tension umbrella developed especially for small to medium-sized areas is safe and reliable even in high winds. Thanks to its entirely aluminum design and stable, entirely aluminum folding handle, the umbrella will enjoy a long life even in locations with demanding weather conditions, such as on the coast or in the mountains. Any cables needed for lighting, heating, and sound can be easily installed in the specially developed center pole profile.


The cover is made up of individual segments which are screwed to the frame by Sterling Steel hooks at the top and by rust-proof screws at the ends of the spokes. The cover is replaceable and is fade, light and water resistant. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and can be ordered with valances.


• Frame base to be loaded with concrete blocks (120 kg total)

• Steel plate (120 kg /240 kg)

• Ground tube

• Core drilling and ram-pin

• Support plate


• Digital print

• Screen print

• Dispersion dye print


Umbrella spokes are made of rectangular aluminium sections of 30x20x2 mm. The mast is made of a round aluminium section of 60 mm in diameter. The aluminium telescope has section dimensions of 30x30x2 mm. The top plate and the crown are made with U-profiles out of aluminium to house the struts. All parts are screwed together and the frame is powder coated (Polyester powder ca. 80 μ).

• White RAL 9010 (standard)

• Black RAL 9005

• Silver RAL 9006


The tension mechanism of the umbrella is operated by an aluminium handle that controls an inner pulley system.


• Opening and closing with a double-handle pulley system

• All materials are resistant to the effects of water corrosion

• Telescopic pole allows the umbrella to open and close above table height

• Pulley system is fully integrated in the mast

• Full aluminium umbrella

• Electric cables are hidden from sight within four chamber column inside the centre mast

• Optional heating and lighting

• Designed to withstand wind speeds up to 100 km/h (with the proper ground anchorage)

• All mechanical and electic construction units are checked by TÜV German


• Various lighting possibilities

• Transport case

• Protective sleeve with a telescopic pole

• Event Platform and MDT Flex-Bar

• Heaters

• Speakers

• Rain gutter to connect adjoining umbrellas

• Cloth side walls with doors or windows

• Cabling is housed within the central mast

Flame resistance flame retardant
Material polyester

MDT tex, Germany

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