KNX Basic weather station

KNX Basic weather station
Product description

Merten adds the compact KNX Basic weather station to its Range

This universal weather station with direct bus connection provides the KNX system with all the relevant weather data.

Wind, rain, brightness and temperature - the KNX Bas

ic weather station records all weather data in one device. The incoming data can be used individually or in various combinations and dependencies. There are seven different channels with threshold val-ues that can be configured separately for this purpose

. Four universal channels permit any combination of measured values. The three so-called "sunshade channels" are opti-mised specifically for awning, blind and roller shutter applications. In addition there is a "sunshade automatic" fea

ture which allows blinds and awnings to be controlled inde-pendently and directly, without manual adjustment. The blinds are automatically adjusted according to the brightness, for instance, so as to provide comfortable lighting conditions at all times.

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The recorded weather data is evaluated in the device itself and transmitted to the KNX system. The measured data for wind, brightness and temperature are transmitted as a 2-byte value, while rain is sent as 1-bit information. All the sensors inc

luding the electronics are combined in one compact device. In order to avoid measuring faults, e.g. as a result of dew, the rain sensor is dried by an integrated heating system (230 V) as required.

Even when it comes to installation, the KNX Ba

sic weather station boasts great versatility. The device is easy to mount to a pole, a ceiling or the corner of a building.

Width280 mm
Height135 mm
Depth160 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP44 protection against: solids >1mm/splashing water
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Merten, Germany