KNX brightness and temperature sensor

KNX brightness and temperature sensor
Product description

Merten's KNX timer dictates the cycle

Whether it's synchronisation using the DCF 77 time signal or in quartz mode - with the support of the KNX timer, time schedules are controlled accurately.

Exact timing in the KNX system is now

made even simpler with the KNX timer. The central unit reliably sends the precise time and date to the bus. The time data is delivered to the devices cyclically or on request. The new KNX timer enables you to have the ato-mic time indicated on all the di


The device provides two options for operation: In quartz mode, the KNX timer runs like a "normal" clock, and can be set via the bus. Alternatively, you can very conveniently set the time by synchronisation via the DCF 77 time

signal (atomic clock in Frankfurt/Main).

The current time zone can be freely selected on the KNX timer. Similarly, parameterisa-tion of switching between summer time and winter time is flexible. The KNX timer can therefore be operated in real-

time in many countries. Thanks to the fact that summer-time changeover can be deactivated, the timer can also be used in shading systems that are controlled based on calculating of the sun's position.

The convenience in dealing with time starts

with installation. The clock is factory set, which makes the KNX timer immediately operable (after assignment of the group ad-dresses). Thanks to an integrated lithium cell, the time is maintained also in the event of a power failure.

Width110 mm
Height54 mm
Depth72 mm
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Merten, Germany