M-STAR Switch and socket combi

  • M-STAR Switch and socket combi
  • M-STAR Switch and socket combi
Product description

M-Star Design
Brings a touch of class to any wall
The design and materials found in M-Star make it the first choice for people who appreciate stylish interiors.
The meticulously finished aluminium frames and the noble colour variations of s

atin silver, chrome and polished brass give the new switch range an unmistakable and sophisticated character. It will blend seamlessly into any modern room design and living environment. When it is placed against a cool design background, such as bathroom

fittings or metal surfaces, the M-Star plays artfully on its form and harmonises effortlessly with its surroundings. It is a clear example of the creative achievement that lies behind the design of all everyday objects.
What makes M-Star particularl

y special is the harmonious overall impression: the features of the 2-gang and 3-gang frames are emphasised by the use of the same colour for the central bridge piece. Besides its elegant design, M-Star offers a high degree of functionality. The new range

features all the main inserts and covers from System M. This makes it possible to integrate everything into one single design, from basic light switches through to the convenient control of all building functions, using the modern KNX building systems te


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