Fig Leaf

Product description

The Fig Leaf Wardrobe, reflects on a time when craftsmen vied to out-do each other in demonstrating their skills in the hope of attracting wealthy patrons. The surface of the wardrobe is created from the hanging of 616 hand-painted (front and back) enamel

leaves on an internal tangle of branches made up of a lost cast patinated bronze by French Sculptor Patrick Blanchard. Hand painted by some of the last remaining fine enamel painters in England, each leaf varies across 10 basic shapes and custom mixed co

lors. The silk-lined interior of the wardrobe was made by Gainsborough Silks of Sudbury, England and the upholstering was executed by R D Robins Upholsterers of London.

Width1640 mm
Height2360 mm
Depth850 mm

Meta, United Kingdom

Tord Boontje