Presented:Salone del Mobile 2008, Milan
Categories: Home furnitureTablesCoffee tables
Product description

This elegant and unique table features slumped glass suspended across a contiguous and abstracted alloy surface of diamond-shaped facets. The table's architecture is the result of an asymmetric metal topography of mathematically delineated folds and crevi

ces that create a powerful and sensual curvature. The base of the table is made of a bespoke formula of Tula steel, an historic metal that has been recreated by Meta based upon the analysis of an original and rare piece of Imperial Tula steel from 1780. U

sing the same craftsmen responsible for restoring parts of the Kremlin Palace, the perimeter edge of the metal base is hand-etched with a subtle and sympathetic pattern of incised relief and handfinished using traditional polishing methods to create a vis

ually crisp surface. The undulating troughs and peaks give way to the perception of an arc when the table is viewed from the side, a purposeful refinement by Asymptote reminiscent of the accumulated outlines of the underside of a landscape. This effect se

rves to enhance the overall elegance and ‘lightness' of the piece while also adding a subtly sophisticated visual balance when seen in combination with the intensity of the surface geometry.

Length1530 mm
Width920 mm
Height480 mm
Table top shaperectangular

Meta, United Kingdom

Hani Rashid

Lise Anne Couture

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