Presented:Salone del Mobile 2008, Milan
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Product description

Asymptote has designed a series of exquisite gold boxes in collaboration with a pre-eminent Parisian atelier that specialises in creating the finest of handmade objects. These exceptional containers mark a reintroduction of the once highly coveted, and st

ill highly collectable ‘precious gold boxes' of the 1700s. The finest boxes of that time were no larger than the palm of one's hand, were of solid gold and possessed the intricate detailing and complex hinging of much larger objects - the perfection of ea

ch join, closure and hinge and the object's hand-applied decoration were the eloquent expression of a master's most highly esteemed skills. Mnemos_03
The third and largest box in the series, intended for jewellery, is made of silver gilt. With natural

holds found amidst the sensual surface, the sides pivot open to reveal a nested puzzle of seven single- and double-height compartments and made of satinwood, a fine- grained wood prized in the 18th century. The compartments are polished to a deep golden

glow and are fitted with perfectly sized twin sets of kid leather pillows that protect whatever might be kept inside.

Length245 mm
Width245 mm
Height120 mm
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