Arbottura ART 361

Stylepark-ID: 14.4498.00037
Categories: Urban spaceTree grids / guards
Product description

Traditional element of the urban environment in a contemporary conception. Suitable for various locations, whether historical or totally modern. Available are round and square versions, which can be combined to find an optimal solution. The standard version is designed only for pedestrian traffic; a reinforced variant allows for cars and small vans up to 3.5 tonnes gross weight. A new version has a selection of lamellas coated with colour. This unique concept makes it possible to create interesting graphic patterns which can be linked with the grid of the paving.

The galvanized structure made of bent steel slats in the facing mode. The setting frame is included with the product.

Diameter 1600 mm
Material metals
Colors shades of grey

mmcité, Czech Republic

Radek Hegmon

David Karásek

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for Arbottura ART 361

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