Elias SEE100

Categories: Urban spaceBollards / Feeder bollards
Urban spaceStreet lighting
Product description

This slim and geometrically shaped bollard has a longitudinal cavity whose appearance changes depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Range froma dark shade to full transparency. This simple block with extreme cannelure is very contemporary and yet almost classic in character suitable for any environment. Upon request, an embossed municipal emblem made of zinc alloy can be embedded into the body of the bollard (available upon request). What is dark during the dayis lit up at night. Low voltage LED technology can be also be installed inside the bollard and serve as a decorative lamp with the same design as the rest of the Elias bollards.

Galvanized steel construction with powder paint finish. Optionally, it can be fitted witha municipal emblem of corrosion-resistant zinc alloy or a maintenance-free, low-voltage LED light source. Can be anchored onto the pavement or under the pavement by concealed screws.

Width100 mm
Height1000 mm
Depth60 mm
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Colorsshades of grey


Radek Hegmon

David Karásek