Drupl 70

Product description

Inspired by the effects of sunlight through droplets of water, Modular’s Drupl portfolio is named after the Dutch word for ‘drop’. New advances in luminary technology make Drupl the perfect continuous lighting solution for offices, where high-quality light and anti-glare qualities are key to comfort and productivity. Drupl combines the benefits of unique optical lenses over highly-performant LEDs producing light at a quality of CRI90 or greater with elegant design that will transform any professional space. Fortimo LED Lines now come in 3 colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K and 4000K).

3 options:
- sharp office compliant
- curved office compliant
- straight office compliant

3 mounting options: suspended, recessed & ceiling mounted

gold / brass
shades of grey

Modular Lighting Instruments, Belgium

Modular Design Team

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