Product description

Upgrading the existing Lotis family means in particular that directionality and asymmetric light incidence has been added to the concept. Naturally, the typical, characteristic shape of the Lotis bowl, with its integrated, deeply recessed and all but invisible light source, has been kept. Moreover, the directionality and asymmetry of the bowl are further supplemented by accessories that make it possible to generate diversified light output: honeycomb, UV-filter, soft lens, spread lens, colour filters.

The expansion of the Lotis family consists of different models that are available in mat white structure, aluminium structure and mat black structure. The smaller models are also being launched in dark chrome.

The two most striking newcomers in the range are the Mini-Lotis LED and the Lotis PL.

The Lotis 2x26/32W is a powerful fluorescent downlighter, which produces both a symmetric and asymmetric light incidence. Optionally it is possible to use a soft lens, so that a softer light is distributed and prevents direct view of the lamps inside the bowl.
The other new types (symmetrically and/or asymmetrically directional) are: halogen (MR16, AR111, ES50) and discharge (CDM-Tc).

Height226 mm
Diameter290 mm
Weight180 kg
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Inspection seal /certificationCE
Fire prevention classesF
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