Lotis Tubed

Presented:Euroluce 2009, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsCeiling mounted lights
Product description

The LOTIS family has been a top performer within the extensive range of Modular Lighting Instruments for years. Until now LOTIS was only available as a recessed fixture, in diverse lamp types. With LOTIS TUBED, now being issued as a recessed as well as surface fixture, that all changes. LOTIS TUBED is a truly Modular product: minimalist, pure, unobtrusive and subtle in its use. LOTIS TUBED is a design by the Modular Design Team. LOTIS TUBED is a narrow cylinder that is to be mounted as a ceiling fixture.

The deeply recessed and quasi invisible light source that is the hallmark of the LOTIS has been maintained in the LOTIS TUBED. Furthermore, interplay of colours between the inner and outer colours of the unit provides extra gradations. The contrasting colour combinations of matte white, matte black and gold are alternated as the colours of the outside of the cylinder and the colour of the interior of the cone. The anodised golden interior also makes the lamp colour slightly more yellow and therefore warmer. The surface mounted version LOTIS TUBED SURFACE comes in two halogen lamp versions: MR16 for use with remote transformer and ES50 for installation directly to 230V. Additionally, the recessed version - the LOTIS TUBED RECESSED - the MR16 halogen and the compact high intensity discharge HIPAR C16 have been released into the market, both to be connected to an external transformer.


MR16 halogen

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapecylindrical
Inspection seal /certificationCE
Weight75 kg
Fire prevention classesF
gold / brass
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