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Stylish play of colors in kids’ rooms
moll Champion — more than just a desk

Kids always want to be surrounded by their constantly changing favorite color, while parents look for durability when buying furniture for their child. Desk manufacturer moll has taken on this challenge and has developed a stylish solution sure to please both: Champion — a desk that grows with the child.

Quality, function and design — Champion sets new standards for youngsters’ bedrooms.

With its clean, minimalistic design, it comes with white and aluminum-colored elements. Color accents can be chosen individually with spot colors and side panels. Accents like runners, handles and cover caps stand out in various colors. They are found in a fashionable box with every desk and can be changed quickly and easily as the child’s mood or favorite color changes.

For those who like things more colorful, the Champion has side panels that match the decorative elements in powerful hues: From rich orange to lilac to bright green, there’s a color for everyone. And if taste changes again, new side panels can simply be purchased and replaced. This is how the desk adapts to meet the style of the moment.
The Champion integrates harmoniously with the child’s existing room furniture or can be matched to the floor with solid wood side panels. The dark walnut is an elegant accent to the white desktop, and the honey tones of oak, beech and birch all make for a warm ambience. The easy-to-operate Comfort height adjustment and the rounded corners ensure safety.

Addition for children’s desk Champion. Only moll offers all these options for extensions!
When a child first starts going to school, it only needs a few pieces of paper. Later, he‘ll need lots of books. And later still, a computer with a monitor. So it‘s wonderful if the desk can be extended flexibly and as required. And incidentally: nobody has to know today what his child will need tomorrow. That‘s because moll offers a 5-year availability guarantee on its additions.
Champion Panel is a two-sided back wall can be used as a chalkboard, a whiteboard with water-soluble markers, and a magnet board.

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