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moll T7: One of a kind — for everybody

The moll T7 desk is a strong total concept: The moll unique design series also includes the moll S6 chair and the moll C5 container. Add the high standards for design, function and quality, and you have furniture designed for life. Children can continue to use it after they grow up, and later pass it on to their own children. Made in Germany, the furniture uses premium materials that ensure long-term use.

moll T7 can be integrated into any room — whether a child’s bedroom or a living room. Its recipe for success is not just its design, but also its outstanding ergonomic properties. A desk’s height-adjustability is crucial to healthy posture. If it allows both adjustment to the user’s current body size and sitting and standing heights, the desk adjusts to the user at any time, and not the other way around. As the first manufacturer moll offers electrically motorized height adjustment, that covers the whole range from seated toddlers to standing adults. It works easily — with the touch of a button.

Its design is reduced to the essential. Functional components such as integrated castors in the runners, or the height leveling function, work in the background. The desk body’s lines are so slim that it is hard to believe it holds a giant drawer. That is chromatically offset from the width of the desk and contributes strongly to the look. Six different colors are available — including two with a wood grain look. The color concept is echoed in the runners and can be changed as one pleases. So the moll T7 also adapts to taste changes for as long as it is used.

Table finishtable with glider base
Table top shaperectangle with rounded corners
Functionsheight adjustable


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