Diesel Collection - Voltaire

Diesel Collection - Voltaire
Product description

The idea behind the new Cabinet Voltaire was to take a simple object, a cabinet, for example, and turn it into something else. The result is a product that conserves all its practicality and timeless lines while vaunting a totally new look in every inch of its surface. As always, Diesel Living with Moroso monkeys around with finishes and treatments, adds metal details to sculpt the shapes and make the lines stronger and more emphatic, and creates a functional object that has been enlivened by amusing particulars.
The Cabinet Voltaire Family consists of a cupboard supported by a metal structure available in different shapes and finishes and a wall unit that can be matched in multiple combinations for ideal adaptation to the space available in the home.
The metal frame is covered by a lacquered wood top that counters the curvature of the doors on the front with a 45° angle and traces subtle shadows on the surfaces to grant further linear detail and elegance.
The doors are set in metal frames inside which different materials and finishes can be inserted: wood, smooth metal, metal engraved with geometric patterns that recall military applications, leather and fabric that permit the product’s essential image to be adapted to any setting at all, from the most classic to the most eccentric. In this way, a simple cabinet becomes something of a creative “open system”’ that isn’t afraid to think outside the box.

Width2400 mm
Height760 mm
Depth480 mm
Weight12000 kg
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Moroso, Italy

Diesel Creative Team

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