Nanook table

Presented:imm cologne 2016, Cologne
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Product description

"The Nanook collection is composed of a chair, an armchair and a low table. It reflects a study of the passage from two to three dimensions based on observing the tanning of a quadruped's hide. The chair's upholstery should be seen as a sign, a trace, a memory of the animal, the transfiguration of its skin. This taut skin evokes memories of the animal it once was. The same skin, pleated, gives us the three-dimensionality of a chair or armchair. The structure is a hexagonal network inspired by molecular geometry or a snowflake. The natural form of a skin for the chair's upholstery. The rigorous geometry of Nature for its structure. Like the Inuit peoples who wear animal skins for protection, Nanook's technical-fabric upholstery has tribal echoes. The pleated, three-dimensional skin is transformed into a contemporary object through the use of digital printing for the upholstery, and moulded synthetic material for the structure. Nanook seating - whose name derives from the protagonist of the first nature documentary in film history - preserves tribal memories while looking to the future and to technology with the same optimism with which Nanook observed his icy environment."

The armchair has a resin structure upholstered with a printed fabric.
The chair is covered with printed, padded fabric and has metal legs.
The painted steel table can be attached horizontally to a second table or stacked vertically to create a two-shelf arrangement.

Nanook is the result of Philippe Bestenheider's ongoing research into such aspects as fragmentation, molecular structures, the transition from 2-D to 3-D. The first fruit of his research was the Isomera chair, presented at Promosedia in 2006-2007. He later designed the Alice armchair for Galleria Nilufar. Alice is an elaborate, ultra-luxurious armchair made of prestigious materials.
The heart of the Alice design inspired Nanook for Moroso, using hi-tech materials to create objects for everyday use that can be produced industrially.
The structure of the Nanook chair and armchair draws inspiration from Alice's legs. The low table makes a more direct reference to the designer's theories on surface fragmentation seen in his first two designs.

Length630 mm
Width600 mm
Height340 mm
Table finishthree-legged table
Table top shapeorganic
shades of blue
metallic colour
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Moroso, Italy

Philippe Bestenheider

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