Mosa Solids

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Ceramic surface specialist Mosa presents its new tile range, Mosa Solids, the latest addition to the Dutch company’s selection of floor products. Mosa Solids is a specially designed collection that effortlessly balances practicality and strength with the established tile expert’s renowned quality, elegance and natural look. The Mosa Solids tiles are designed in a variety of sizes, including a generous and versatile 60 x 60 cm, 90 x 90 cm and 60 x 120 cm, which highlights their versatility, cost-efficiency and toughness. This robust and dynamic range can be applied to a great variety of spaces such as shops, stations, hospitals and schools - and the contemporary home, due to its hardwearing and practical nature. The collection consists of twelve natural colours. Additionally, the range’s specially produced colour gradations and textures make the joints between tiles appear as discreet and minimal as possible, reading as one single and flawless ceramic floor skin.

Material ceramic (unspecified)
Colors shades of grey

Mosa., Netherlands

Mosa Design Team

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