57 meters with a cinnamon touch
Nov 6, 2015

A newcomer for Hamburg’s constantly changing HafenCity district is “Cinnamon Tower”, which tops out at 57 meters and is currently the highest building in the Überseequartier. The architects at Bolles und Wilson designed an impressive residential high-rise in warm earthen tones, with the façade rounded out by walnut-brown metal folding sliding louvers by Colt.
The tower, with its staggered balconies, is located on the waterside next to the old harbor office – Altes Hafenamt.

In terms of color, the high-rise references the historical brick buildings in Alte Speicherstadt, while its name calls to mind the spices that have entered the country through Hamburg’s port for centuries. With its own sauna and wellness zones in the podium and an underground parking lot, Cinnamon Tower provides its inhabitants with every possible type of comfort – and above all masses of space. Indeed, the ten owner-occupied flats, including the three-story penthouse complete with rooftop terrace, have as much as 300 square meters of living space.

One of the outstanding features of the tower is the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer a fantastic view out over the Elbe and the harbor. Colt custom-made dark-brown sliding louvers in two sizes for the tower’s windows – and in visual terms they blend perfectly with the façade design. The colors are calibrated harmoniously so that the refined metal blinds combine beautifully with the façade panels and create a great sense of rhythm.

Inside, inhabitants can enjoy not only the marvelous interplay of light and shadow, but above all the practical advantages of the shading system. The timer ensures the movable sliding louvers adjust to provide optimal protection from the sun and keep the interior pleasantly cool. And in stormy weather, the stable louver system offers protection, too – and can be activated easily even when the windows are closed. The Colt products simply slide back along the wall to save space and offer an unimpeded view out over the new Überseequartier – which is still changing by the day.

Fresh cinnamon in the midst of the Überseequartier district: the reddish brown “Cinnamon Tower” designed by Bolles und Wilson provides luxurious homes across its 14 storeys. The inhabitants of the three-storey penthouse complete with roof terrace are especially lucky. Photo © Colt International

Staggered balconies give the tower a sculptural feel. Colt provided customized folding sliding louvers for the large window fronts. Photo © Colt International

The tone of the walnut-brown folding sliding louvers is calibrated to that of the facades and the refined metal blinds give rhythm to the overall raster grid of the façade panels.
Photo © Colt International

Customized shade: Colt produced the folding sliding louvers in two sizes: 650 x 3,080 millimeters and 650 x 2,380 millimeters. They can easily be slid back along the wall and provide optimal protection and the wind and sun. Photo © Colt International

Interplay of light and shadow: The folding sliding louvers look great from the inside, too. Thanks to a timer switch, they provide smooth protection and adjust automatically to the height of the sun. Photo © Colt International