A clean matter
von | Nov 4, 2010

The entire flat was gutted including all installations. The concept of Athens based architectural studio mabarchitects was to provide cool but friendly clinical environment for doctors and their patients. The predominant color is white with just few sculptural pieces of furniture in "summer-sky" blue. The choice of materials with cellular structures is a reference to the nature of the work performed in this surgery. Partitions and wall claddings are made of special translucent sandwich panels, made of two sheets of Perspex and the in-between gap, which is filled with plastic straws of different diameters. The material provides extraordinary effects and changes translucency depending on the viewpoint. White round mosaic tiling is covering all floors and occasionally the same surface splashes also over walls. Glossy white plaster ceiling is randomly pierced by seemingly floating circles of light or circular air vents. All furniture and fittings were carefully chosen to enhance the overall appearance.


Partitions and wall claddings for the surgeries by s-plasticon
Seemingly floating circles of light by modular lighting instruments
Detail of the translucent sandwich panels by s-plasticon
Embryocare clinic by mabarchitects in downtown Athens | all photos © George Pahountis, mabarchitects
Pinched ceramic tiles covering walls and flooring of the clinic
Detail: Floating transition between wall and floor cladding without additive mouldings
Depending on the perspective of the viewer the partition walls are partially transparent