A door is only as strong as its hinges – a range of heavy-duty hinges
von | Jul 13, 2011

Under the name "BaSys", a company called Bartels Systembeschläge has developed and branded a sophisticated and technically versatile range of hinges used by several door manufacturers on the European and international markets. The Pivota family, for example, can handle major loads (PivotaDX300 up to 300 kg), while at the same time, thanks to its hidden hinge feature, giving architects a multitude of design opportunities. BaSys offers door hinges that are hidden from view and thus inconspicuous – only the door leaf and the handle are visible. However, the range also includes hinges that are real talking points and whose clear lines and high-grade materials ensure they out from the crowd.

Door elements PURO iNVERSO by Eber Designtüren with hinges PIVOTA DX 58 3-D and 3-D PIVOTA DX 100 by BaSys
Invisible concealed doors in the storage room and locker room of a shop in Munich
Once again, PURO iNVERSO doors by Eber Designtüren with hinges BaSys PIVOTA DX 40 3-D
Details of OBJECTA hinges | photos © Stylepark
Details of the PIVOTA ® DX hinges by BaSys | photos © Stylepark
Door surface in Sicilian olive, dd-laquered by Eber Designtüren. Hinges of BaSys PIVOTA DX 40 3-D
Hinges BaSys PIVOTA DX 60 3-D und PIVOTA DX 58 3-D
White Cube door elements of KTM with flush wall frames. Hinges BaSys PIVOTA DX 61 3-D
Details PIVOTA ® DX 190 3-D Design | photos © Stylepark