A little something for gourmets – Gastrologik in Stockholm by Jonas Lindvall A&D
von | 2/17/2012

Since opening its doors at the end of 2011, "Gastrologik" has certainly made a name for itself on the Stockholm restaurant scene and is now synonymous with a combination of haute cuisine and Swedish interior design, timeless in its elegance. Architect and designer Jonas Lindvall designed the luxury restaurant with a particular eye for the quality of the materials.

From the outside it does not seem at all pretentious: The large street-level windows of restaurant are veiled with white curtains, hinting that there is something hidden behind them. From the inside it is not least these lightweight curtains that work to filter the daylight and lend the space a rather unique atmosphere. The particularly long, wide oak panels – an unmistakable trademark of timber design company Dinesen – are a recurring design element both inside the restaurant and in its adjacent grocery store "Speceriet", where they serve food-to-go among other things. In addition to wood, cooper in particular is used to set distinctive accents in this rather informal environment. The pendant lights hovering above the tables also catch your eye, designed by Jonas Lindvall for Wästberg and presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair just recently.

A wall made of glass and copper panels separates the dining area from the kitchen, bringing the place where the culinary magic takes place into optical focus. "We conceived Gastrologik so as to keep that the creative process of the two master chefs as transparent as possible, making for a high-grade gastronomic display, and in doing so we took care to design an interior space where guests can relax and feel at ease," explains Lindvall. However, it is by no means a given that opening up a view into the kitchen will not detract from said relaxed atmosphere. Elsewhere, you might get the feeling that you are somehow exposed to the hectic workings of the kitchen, and high-quality interior design elements are often unable to save such restaurants from feeling more like a fast-food joint. Not in Gastrologik. Here you can certainly enjoy your meal in peace.

Stolab’s Miss Holly chairs, also designed by Jonas Lindvall | Photo © Anders Hviid
Pendants designed by Jonas Lindvall for Wästberg | Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm by Jonas Lindvall A&D | Photo © Anders Hviid; sketch: Jonas Lindvall; montage: Stylepark
Wooden flooring: Dinesen Oak 30 mm, Width: 225 mm. Lengths: 4-6 m; Finish: White oil and lacquer | Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Photo © Anders Hviid
Plan drawing © Jonas Lindvall


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