A museum - Sergei Tchoban 1/3
Mar 3, 2010
photo © a museum by Sergei Tchoban

"A collection is something hidden, meaning that a museum's content remains invisible to the outside observer, as in this draft for a museum of architectural drawings," suggests Sergei Tchoban

With this comment, architect Sergei Tchoban points up the far-reaching tasks of museums and at the same time emphasizes that archiving and presentation of architectural drawings as an art genre in their own right has tended to be neglected. His drawings, created without a reference to a specific construction project, offer both architectural fantasies and vedutas, not to mention several detailed studies. In this drawing for an imaginary architecture, he creates a façade that doubles up as a visualization of the collection of a museum for architectural drawings and as architecture, playing with notions of inside/outside, visible/invisible.

At the moment, Tchoban's drawings are on show thru' March 14 in the "Architectural Worlds" exhibition at Deutsches Architektur Museum Frankfurt.

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photo © a museum by Sergei Tchoban