A swimming pool resplendent in ‘Arctic White’
Dec 3, 2013

For the all-round modernization of a 1970s school swimming bath in Paris’ 19th Arrondissement architects Kyunglan Yoon and Philippe Seux supported by the fabricator ASKA Interior not only drew on ultramodern technology and improved access to the building. They also gave the design of the interior a real facelift; the duo opted to simplify the structure and reduce the architectural vocabulary. In order to create a single coherent space they used one and the same material for all the surfaces: “HI-MACS®” in Arctic White.

The swimming zone and the showers now form a homogeneous complex, gleaming and bright, but with different surface textures. For the acrylic stone can be used in many different ways and can be both glued or fixed in place. The product can be thermoformed and then gently sanded and polished. In this way, the walls are given a relief that resembles the texture of the sound-absorbent elements in the ceiling and forms a vibrant pattern. The smooth, nonporous surface of HI-MACS® acrylic stones is impervious to moisture and thus perfectly suited for use in the interior of a building such as a swimming baths.

For the shower area, “HI-MACS®” solid surfaces were again used. In this instance the floor was equipped with small relief dots to give it non-slip qualities. And last but by no means least, the acrylic stone has a further quality: You can print on it, so that infographics for school pupils were simply printed straight onto the walls.

The pictograms can be printed direct on the HI_MACS® walls. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
The pictograms can be printed direct on the HI_MACS® walls. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
Using “HI-MACS ®” in ‘Arctic White’, the architects created a homogeneous hall. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
The shower area is separated by glass, expanding the volume of the small hall visually. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
For the shower area, a colored mineral material from HI-MACS® was used, which is available in some 100 color tones. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
Post-modernization, the swimming bath possesses clean lines, a calm pattern and a spacious volume. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
The architects also improved the access to the hall. The installations were likewise handled using HI-MACS®. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
Architects Kyunglan Yoon and Philippe Seux converted a 1970s school swimming baths in Paris’ 19th Arrondissement. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
The relief on the HI-MACS® walls repeats the rhythm of the acoustic elements. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu
In the showers, the HI-MACS® floor boasts a minute relief structure as an anti-slip device. Photo: © Alexandra Mocanu